Friday, April 25, 2014

Media Guide and Updates

Had an awesome mail day!  The 2002 Media Guide, the last guide from Cinergy Field.  When I purchased it I originally thought it was a hard cover, but the soft cover is still just as good.  This is my first guide and after leafing through it I am glad I have such a unique piece of history in my Personal Collection.

Unfortunately tonight the Reds are losing 5-4 to the Braves in the Top of the 9th.  Been down the whole game and hoping for a come back.  If not then 2 of 3 of the weekend series would be nice pickup and a game above .500. 

I am still working on the page, currently have listed all of my Barry Larkin cards through 1992.  The long term goal is to change the bullet points into links of pictures for the ones I'm currently listing and start adding the new additions as they come in.

Any suggestions for improvements would be great!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I am a HUGE Cincinnati Reds fan.  I have recently rejoined the hobby of collecting baseball cards.  After joining several pages on Facebook and looking through Ebay I have learned that the hobby has change drastically since buying wax packs at Kmart.  There are so many cards of just prospects you can hardly tell what a RC is or there so many "variations" of one card it's impossible to collect them all. 

So instead of trying to collect every single card from a set I have decided to focus mainly on Reds Team Sets and "Super-Collecting" my childhood hero, Barry Larkin.  I have started about 8 months ago and realize I still have a ton of ground to cover.  I am not looking at building Rome in a day, but I am always looking at continuing to build my collection.  Blog is here to assist me knowing what I have and will eventually have my want lists.  

I am more than happy to trade with people or exchange duplicates with fellow Larkin enthusiast.  So please be patient while I am adding my collection and I hope you enjoy the site!