Monday, February 27, 2017

Checklist Update: 1990 Star Company

As I am trying to get the perfect Barry Larkin checklist, I am always finding oddball or cards I have missed.  The only versions I knew of was the 1990 base version out of 1989.  There is also a Barry Larkin/Bo Jackson series.  The set of 11 alternates between Barry Larkin and Bo "knows" Jackson.

Perusing through ebay I saw the 1999 ad card.  Which goes into a description for dealers what to expect from the Star Company.  I am not quite sure what the print run of these are.

I also knew about the Star Gold edition from a fellow collector but thought it was just a variation.  However, it is actually it's own nine card set which is out of 1500.  It still has the red border as the original version but "Star" is in a gold holofoil.

There is also another nine card set titled "Nova".  Another nine card set which goes away from the red and has a gold aspect at the bottom and Nova at the top instead of Star.  This set is out of 500

Each has it's own "Promo Card"   They have the normal front with a blank back.

Star Nova Promo out of 100

Star Gold Promo out of 300

Star Promo

I am still learning more about the set, so if anyone knows of any other Larkin sets from this company, please let me know.  I'll be happy to add them.

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