Saturday, January 21, 2017

Midwest Sports Spectacular!

Went to my first Midwest Sports Spectacular at the Ohio Expo Center today.  I knew there was going to be various athletes there for autograph sessions throughout the day and a card show.   I was not going to pay the additional fees that were required for autographs, so I was going for the card show.

Unfortunately,  I was very disappointed.  Thinking with this being in the Expo Center that this would be a HUGE event, but instead it was in about half the building and only a handful of tables for the card show.  They did have some big names for the autograph sessions so I guess that was the main draw for the event.

I told myself I was going to stick to my 2017 goals and only go after cards I needed, or if I found a Chris Sabo bobble for my coworker. Here is my haul for the day.

1992 Kahn's Reds Team Set

I was not expecting to go after team sets today, but a seller had sets at $3 a pop, so I grabbed all the ones I didn't have, which was two.  My end goal with this PC is to collect a set from 1988-Present.  Once this goal is accomplished, I will start working backwards.  I know this will become a pricey endeavor.

1995 Kahn's Reds Team Set

Same as above. Does anyone else remember Davey Johnson being manager of the Reds? I had to do my research as I was not a big baseball fan in the early/mid 90's.  Apparently he won a World Series with the Mets.  He had a 204-172-1 record in three seasons with the Reds.  I sometimes forget how good we were back then after so much losing in the 2000's.

1992 Topps Gold Winners #465B Barry Larkin

I was surprised to find this in a $1 box as I was sorting through cards.  For starters, I did not realize they made a corrected version of this card.  465A  had Larkin playing for the Astros.  I actually had to add this card to my master list.  

In the end I was happy I was able to stick to my list and get a few cards I needed.  

Stay tuned tomorrow as I will be doing a week long mail day post.  I had a lot of fun items come to the mailbox this week.  

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